An Extraordinary Life (Chapter 2)

ChPFrank_Armyapter 2: In The Army

World War II came along and in November 1942, P. Frank Jr. was drafted into the Army and sent to Camp Custer, Michigan and then on to Fort Riley Kansas for basic training — the remnants of the famous Buffalo soldiers were there.  While in Basic Training he was asked if he knew anything about “automotives.”  So he told them about his Ford Motor Company experience.  That is how he ended up in the horse cavalry unit, also known as the Cavalry Replacement Training Center.  In fact “…those guys who knew about horses were put into automotive units.”

“I hated basic training because the non-commissioned officers were so rude and mean, and you as a soldier had no right to demand human respect.  And you had to show great respect to the young white lieutenants and say “Yes Sir” while they handed you a ‘bucket of @#$%!’  I used to walk a mile out of my way to keep from having to salute them.”

While in southern France, P. Frank received the following letter from Sophies mother.

21 June 1945

Dear Frank,
You are not going to receive a letter from Sophie today, but one from her mother.  If I made up my mind to scribble these few words that is because I have been worried to see Sophie so sad these last days.  I know her so well that she cannot hide anything.  Sophie used to be full of gaiety, she is like the scum in our house.  That is why, this morning I was pained looking at her poor little face…

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