An Extraordinary Life (Chapter 3)

IMG_6983 2Chapter 3: 1946 Clash of Cultures

The beginning of 1946 found P. Frank still stationed in Marseille, but anxious to return to Paris.  He loved France and particularly Paris.  Paris was so alive, it was one of the great cities of the world.  There was so much to do there, and of course Sophie lived there.  In early January Sophie wrote the following letter:

My Darling Little Frank,
After spending the night and day thinking and thinking about your letter of the 8th, I will give you an answer which will bring you great joy.  Yes Franky I accept being your wife before you go back to America for I really think that once back in the States, it will not be easy for you to…

25 January 1946

My Dear Franky
I hope to have a few minutes this evening so as to be able to send you a few lines.

First of all I will speak of what impresses both and especially you – What we need to know is about papers. Having got your express letter at 12 pm – in which you mentioned the papers.  I don’t understand why you are asking us to send  immediately the parent’s consent…


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