An Extraordinary Life (Chapter 4)

PICT0002 2Chapter 4:  1947 Turmoil

Sophie didn’t want to live in Germany, she wanted to be close to family, and the letter of 28 November 1946 appeared to be a means to an end.  P. Frank had no reason to quit a very good paying and secure job with the U.S. Army, paying in dollars, for what might be an iffy method to make a living on the French economy, paying in French Francs one year after the war.  

American Forces were occupying Germany and there were many jobs to help reconstruct the country.  Consequently, P. Frank had no desire to return to the States especially the South with its Jim Crow laws.

5 February 1947

My dear Frank,chapter4

Three days ago I received another letter written by one of your friends and I must admit that I was very disappointed and I doubt that you wrote it yourself.  If it was you, you should have written in English.  I prefer you writing in English rather than asking a friend because even if you have explained to him the situation,…


12 February 1947

My dear wife,

I have arrived on time to my house in Frankfurt and I arrived in good shape. I hope everything is Ok for you at the moment and I hope that after you read this letter you will understand me better.

I was very sorry not to find you at home when I left Paris. At least, you had the kindness to be with me while I was in Paris. Me too, I have been thinking…

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