An Extraordinary Life (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5:  1948 Talk of Divorce 

 In the summer of 1947, Sophie’s visit became a constant source of tension.  Her running around with different men caused her to miss the family vacation in August – 1948 would be no different.  In fact, P. Frank’s Parisienne lawyer  sent the following communique stating that he had received a petition for divorce from Sophie’s lawyer:

Mr. Ralph Peazant,  Counsellor at Law
Paris, France                                                                                                                  
22 April 1948

Mr. Frank Freeman
U.S. Army /Höechst – Germany

Dear Mr. Freeman

I have just received from Maitre B. one of the lawyers for Mrs. Freeman, a copy of the petition for divorce which he has filed.

She charges that the marriage was a failure from the start, etc… Of course she has to say something to get a divorce and frankly I do not think we should bother too much about what she says.  I strongly advise you to let her get the divorce.

Her lawyer agrees in writing that…

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