An Extraordinary Life (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6:  1949/50 Reconciliation

...Quarreling and accusing each other and being suspicious of each other is not necessary to married life.  Try to understand each other. What ever mistake you made yesterday forget them and live for today.  Make each day the best day of your life.

     You can not have a happy married life without God’s help.  So every day very sincerely with all your heart you should pray together.  Ask God through his son Jesus to bless you, say the Lord’s pray together.  It makes no difference if you are a Catholic and he be a Protestant. God is father of all and you are both his children and he loves you both. Marriage happiness does not mean a selfish love that is so possessive that one or the other can not turn his head right or left unless there is a big big quarrel.  As your husband goes out to work ask God to bless him and protect him and the same goes for him that he will think of you with great respect and love.  Trouble comes into every life and when it does you will have strength to bear it together without complaining.  And if you love each other, you will…

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I have spent the majority of my adult life as a science educator. As a K-5 science specialist for a major Florida School District I designed and developed the first-two stand-alone dedicated K-5 science classroom in the State — developed through a $100,000 grant by the Monsanto Corporation. I have worked as a naturalist and director of a 140 acre environmental center, as well as an Instructional Specialist for the U.S. Navy (Financial Management), U.S. Army (designing and developing medical interactive multimedia and distance learning courses,) and Department of Defense Dependent Schools (Science Specialist.)

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