An Extraordinary Life Chapter 10: Part 1

Chapter 10 (Part 1): Custody

Record2 2Sophie, wrote in her letter of 31 January 1954, “… and to let me see him before you leave for the States,” appeared to be unaware that Danny had been repatriated to the States.  Repatriation orders were provided to American employees and/or their dependents for travel back to the United States at the expense of the U.S. government.  In this case Danny was not going to the United States on vacation but to live there permanently without an expectation of returning to Germany or France.

The above letter is in direct conflict with the information my father told me when he said that Sophie and her brother, Henri, showed up at the airport to try and take Danny back to France. According to my sister Jeanne, our Uncle Henri also stated that he tried to get Danny. 

Recently a vinyl recoding from 1954 was discovered among my father’s documents.  A photo of this flexible record is shown above.  Imagine my surprise when I digitized this 78 rpm record and heard my father’s and Step-mother’s voice from 1954.  They were so young sounding.  This recording was sent to me while I was living with my grandparents in Detroit.  I was not aware that individual families had audio recording devices of this type in the home.  This was before audio reel-to-reel tapes were available to the general public (period slides are added to the audio.)

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