An Extraordinary Life (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7: 1951 Vacation

I told her that when you visited the apartment they told us they didn’t want to stay in the apartment because her husband was sick and that it was difficult for him to climb up to the 5th floor. She told me tonight that they are not sick they are in good health and that she doesn’t know the name of the owner; and that we never told her his name; she was very nasty and she was talking so loud that Mme Moreau could hear her from the shop because we were just in front of the building. Finally, I lost my temper and as I was trying to be nice to her, she was so dishonest, I told her “Madame, as you talk like this, it will change and we will do different” she was very mad; she shouted  “ah we will go in front of the justice” and she left.

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