An Extraordinary Life (Chapter 10: Part 2)

Chapter 10: Part 2:Custody

Record3 2Dear Sophie,

I am now in receipt of your letter dated January 31, 1954.  As always, Danny is fine and having a wonderful time in school. Naturally I will happily send you photos of him whenever I have some new ones available.

It is stimulating to see that you, after having made so many bad decisions during our marriage, you wish to take advantage of my offer allowing you to obtain a divorce in France at my expense; an action which will spare you the embarrassment of having….

This is the flipped side of the previous recording.  Here Johnnie is talking to her little Danny.

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I have spent the majority of my adult life as a science educator. As a K-5 science specialist for a major Florida School District I designed and developed the first-two stand-alone dedicated K-5 science classroom in the State — developed through a $100,000 grant by the Monsanto Corporation. I have worked as a naturalist and director of a 140 acre environmental center, as well as an Instructional Specialist for the U.S. Navy (Financial Management), U.S. Army (designing and developing medical interactive multimedia and distance learning courses,) and Department of Defense Dependent Schools (Science Specialist.)

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