San Marcos, TX Murals & Statues

San Marcos has a very vibrant mural painting program. I have seen painted Pelicans in Pensacola, painted cows in San Antonio and Chicago, painted cowboy boots in Wimberly Texas, but unique are the painted mermaids of San Marcos.

Like the mural art programs in New Braunfels, San Antonio, Eureka, or other cities, the program provides funding for artist to help beautify the city with works of art. In concert with San Marcos’ program are businesses that also beautify their property with murals.  Those murals sponsored by the Mural Art’s program can be identified by the “Mural Arts” logo painted near the bottom of each mural the program has sponsored.

As previously mentioned, One can find painted mermaid statues scattered around the downtown area.  Why mermaids might you ask.  Well, click the Mermaid link to learn the fascinating history of why these mermaids are found nearly 200 miles from the Gulf of Mexico; then click statue link to see these Mermaids.



To see multiple views of five of these statues click on my Mermaid photos (23 images).

To be transferred to my San Marcos Mural page click this link.


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