Traveling US 89 from the Mexican to the Canadian borders

Wall mural photographed in Benson, AZ, gateway to Tombstone.

A few years  ago (2014,) my wife and I fulfilled a boyhood dream of mine to drive the mountains and desserts of the west in a two-seat convertible roadster (Pontiac Solstice). There is very little room in this car once the top is down. Heck there is very little room when the top is up.

As part of our luggage we hung shirts over the back of the seats, attached hooks behind the seats to hang clothing, and packed judiciously into small duffle bags which would fit behind the gas tank when the top was down. BTW, the gas tank sits in the trunk of this car.

I have published Part 1 of this 10,555 mile journey taken 2014.  I have never previously  published any part of this journey with the exception to selected email friends during that travel.  If you would like to follow along in this journey, then be sure to subscribe to my blog.

Eight weeks and 10,555 miles (but whose counting) later we completed that dream by driving from Florida to the Mexico-Arizona border at Nogales up US 89 to the Canadian border across to Washington State, down the Coast Hwy (US 101) to Santa Barbara, across California to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and back to Florida. .

Mapping the route took several weeks, because traveling US 89 is not like driving on the interstate. The road twists and turns through small cities and towns as well as major cities such as Phoenix and Salt Lake. Those of you who were on my email list during the trip may notice familiar scenes – I hope not to produce the same ones that were shown in those emails.

Come along for the ride if you wish, but this journey may take 2-3 months. We visited 11 National parks and 17 lighthouses on this journey. Some places we didn’t intend to visit, but because I programed my GPS incorrectly, we found some real jewels during this excursion.

All aboard – he,he, he 😂

I will try to publish each weekend a part of this journey.  When we started the US 89 travel at the Mexican-Arizona boder the temperature was nearly 100.  When we reached the Canadian border the temperature was below freezing and in heavy snow

Time frame for this trip was April – June.  This is the link to part one- Preparations.

US_89 from the Mexican to Canadian Borders: Part 1- Preparations

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