A little bit more

Flock of brown pelicans near the Pt. Loma Lighthouse in San Diego

I was involved in the development of materials for several national education organizations such as Florida Explores (Meteorology), and the AIMS Foundation, and I served as a facilitator for Project Atmosphere, Project Wild and Aquatic Wild.  I held positions as a Naturalist (trained raptor handler) and Director of the Roy Hyatt Environmental Center, K-5 and K-12 Science Coordinators for a major Florida School District, and, an Instructional Specialist for the U.S. Navy (Financial Management), the U.S. Army (designing and developing Medical Interactive Multimedia and Distance Learning Courses), and the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (Science Specialist).

Now, why this site.  Well, now that I find myself retired, I can do the things I WANT to do and not HAVE to do.  Twenty-five years ago when all of this internet stuff started happening, I had my own website, where I tested out different formats and explored ways in designing coursework.  In those days everything had to be hand coded and/or use an html editor – yes I had a chat room, threaded discussion areas, (today known as a blog,) developed surveys, a method to automatically grade multiple choice exams, and hold office hours. It was the wild, wild west. Now days it is simpler.  I learned a lot about how people use the internet and I can tell you that many college courses taught on-line are “hell” for students – I know because I’ve seen much of the design work and have felt my own frustration, taking courses, working with students, and the military as they tried to navigate a course designed by a programmer or subject matter expert (SME) and not an educator.  This leads me to one of the topics I will be discussing: 1. I will be discussing instructional design and how people use the internet to learn, 2. I will be discussing my book “AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE, and 3. My travels to far and away places like my 40 day (10,000+ mile) road trip through the mountains and desert of the west in a two-seat convertible roadster; now that was a trip!!

And, last but not least,  I enjoy working in my garden, traveling, flying my airplanes in my Xplane simulator [I trained as a Marine Naval Flight Officer back in the day – I can now fly and practice my aerial navigation without killing myself, and if I crash and burn, I can start over :-)], and just being a “bum”