Street Art of Eureka, California

In 2014, my wife and I journeyed more than 10,500 miles through the western part of the United states in a 2-seat Pontiac Solstice roadster.  Traveling southward through Trinidad from Oregon, we came across the town of Eureka.

Imagine our surprise to see so many building murals in the city.  Visiting the visitor center, we grabbed  a self-guided tour mural tour pamphlet and embarked on a foot tour of the old town area to find and view these murals.  The reality of this tour is that the murals are widespread throughout the city.  If you want to find them, you will need a copy of this self-guide pamphlet to find their locations.  At any rate we had to drive to a few of them, we didn’t see all of them.  However those we did see were spectacular with a few of the buildings completely covered with the artwork.

To view these beautiful murals through a virtual tour Click here

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