Keystone slides P1- P6

P-1 Climbing the Pasture Fence / Children in a Farmyard You see Tom and Betty climbing the pasture fence. It looks like a plain rail fence but to Tom and Betty it is a very wonderful fence. The call it their fairy wall. They play that the other side of the fence is fairyland. The woods are full of fairies. Tom and Betty play that they are a prince and princes going to visit the fairies. They like the water fairies best. The water fairies live in the brook where Tom and Betty go wading. Under a big willow tree by the brook lives a family of green frogs. Tom says the frogs watch the home of the water fairies. Tom makes little boats from leaves and sticks. He sails them on the brook. He plays he is giving the fairies a boat rode. Once when Tom and Betty were wading in the brook they found a big stone covered with green moss. They said this was the table where the fairies had their feasts. They picked pretty flowers for the fairies’ table. They brought acorn cups for the fairies to drink from. Some days Mother gives Tom and Betty a lunch to take to the woods with them. Then they play that the fairies come to eat with them. Try to draw a picture of Tom and Betty and the water fairies.

P-2 Fishing in the Brook

These children live on a farm. Between the pasture and the woods is a pretty little brook. It is always cool and shady here. This is the place the children like best.

Jack and Tom like to fish in the brook. Jack made their fishing poles from the branches of a tree. He tied some strong cord to the end of each pole for a line. At the end of the line is a very sharp hook. A worm is put on the hook. A hungry fish sees the worm in the water and tries to swallow it. Then the fish gets caught on the hook.

Mary does not like to fish. She does not like to put the worms on the hook. Do you see the old tin can behind Tom? It is full of worms. The boys need the worms for bait. They dug up the worms in the garden.

Shep, the dog, always goes fishing with the children. He knows that he must keep very still. If he should bark he would scare the fish away.  Sometimes the boys have to wait a long time for the fish to bite.  They sit very still and do not speak a word.

When one of the boys catches a fish, he jerks his line quickly out of the water. Then Shep dances about and barks for joy. It seems that he is tryinq to say he is proud of his master for catching the fish.

P-3 Flying Kites in Washington Park, Chicago
Did you ever see so many kinds of kites? These boys are in Washington Park, Chicago.
They have all made their own kites and entered them in the kite contests at the park. That is why the boys have cards pinned to their backs. The men are judges. There are special events for each kind of kite and several prizes. Prizes go to the kites that go the highest; a special prize goes to the prettiest kite.

The diamond-shaped kites are in the first event. After that come five- and six-sided kites. They are called pentagons and hexagons. Next come the star kites. They have six points and twice as many sides. Then come the box kites, and last of all the fancy kites. Only one of the box kites, and last of all the fancy kites. Only one of the box kites shows in the picture. The others are in another part of the field. Two of the fancy kites are in the picture. One looks like a baseball player and the other like a windmill. The other fancy kites look like birds or butterflies. The boys are all having a good time.

P-4 Playing Soldier Rub-a-dub-dub, rub-a-dub-dub. Is there any game you boys like better than playing soldier? These nine boys think not. The drummer girl in front likes this game, too. Sometimes John is the captain, sometimes Charlie, sometimes Robert. They all take turns. Charlie has a big brother who was in the great war. Charlie’s brother Fred said, “You boys seem to think that just running around and shouting is being like soldiers. It isn’t. Soldiers have to be trained. I’ll show you about it.” So Fred cut each one a stick for a gun. He showed them how to carry these guns. He taught them how to stand straight and to walk on the balls of their feet. He taught them exercises the real soldiers use to make them well and strong. He helped them build small trenches. He taught them how to obey in a hurry. After they had played soldier games all summer, Fred said, “We hope there will never be another war. But it’s a good thing for you to get ready for it. This winter we’ll learn to march in the snow. Soldiers have to do that sometimes. We’ll learn to build fires on the snow and cook our food. Sometimes soldiers have to do that. You are getting to be very good soldiers.”


P-5 Seesaw With a Barrel and a Ladder One fine summer morning Mrs. Brown called the children to get up early.

We are going out to Grandfather’s farm today, she said. It did not take the children long to get dressed. What good times they always had with Grandfather!

There was a large barn where they could play hide and seek. There was a little brook in the pasture where could go wading. How good it felt to take off your shoes and stockings and walk in the cool water.

Grandfather’s dog, Rex, always liked to have the children come. He followed them everywhere.

On this day Grandfather was picking apples in the orchard. The children helped to pack the apples in baskets and barrels. When they were through, Grandfather took down the ladder and made a seesaw for them.

Mary stood on the barrel. First Bob and Betty were in the air. Then Mary moved toward them. The barrel turned a little. Bob and Betty went down as Kate and Alice went up. They played on the seesaw till Grandmother called them in for supper.

I’d like to stay at Grandfather’s all the time, said Bob, as Mother tucked him in bed that night.


P-6 Blindman’s Bluff

This is Billy's birthday. He is six years old. His little friends came to his birthday party. Billy is standing near a big tree.

They are playing Blindman's Bluff. Mary is the blind man this time. They tied a handkerchief over her eyes. Then she had to turn around three times.  Now she is trying to touch some children in the ring. If she can guess the name of the one she touches, that one has to be the blind man. Then Mary takes her place in the ring and the game goes on.

Soon Billy's mother will call the children into the house. The best part of the party is ready in the dining room. Mother has spread the table with good things to eat. In the middle stands a big birthday cake. It has six candles on it. Billy will try to blow them all out at once.

Some Things to Talk About.

1. How many are at the party?         

2. What games have you played at outdoor parties? 

Something to Do.

1. With your crayons make a picture of the birthday cake.   

2. Make pictures of the other things you think they had to eat.  

3. Write the name of each thing under its picture.