Lake Placid, Florida: City of Murals

Lake Placid, Florida

Traveling through Lake Placid is like traveling and walking through an open air museum of colors and pictures.  Lake Placid was not always known as Lake Placid, instead it was named Lake Sterns.

The writing on the mural of the train states the following:  “The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad depot was built at the urging of Dr. Melvil Dewey.  He petitioned the state to have the town’s name changed from Lake Sterns to Lake Placid as it was a winter residence for the Lake Placid Club of New York.

The passenger service continued until the 1960’s then the station was closed in 1975.

The Historical Society of Greater Lake Placid, Inc was established in May, 1982.  The railroad deeded the depot to the Society in 1984 and it was transformed into a Museum.

The below flipbook shows some of the murals photographed during a stopover on a recent trip (2022) to Miami.”

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