Street Art of Kerrville, TX

Driving about 70 miles north-west from San Antonio on I-10, one comes to the city of Kerrville, Texas.

The photographs of these murals were taken in February 2009 using a Canon Powershot A630 camera. When traveling I like to use this or a similar type of camera because it/they has an articulating view finder. This allows me to photograph the subjects without having to be a contortionist trying to get a decent view of my subject. For instance, I can photograph above the crowd because i have a clear view of my subject. Anyway onto the murals.

These historical murals can be found and viewed at the rear of the Tom Moore Lumber Company in Ingram Texas as you drive Hwy 39.  There are a total of 15 murals with accompanying text. Each mural had a specific sponsor. Click this link to view the gallery of images

Now there is an interesting aspect to the mural showing the camels and their connection to Camp Verde, a former army outpost located about 12 miles to the south of Kerrville. This camp was the headquarters of the U.S. Camel Corp. If you viewed the murals from Rt 66, you learned camels were used in exploring the west. The below image is a copy of the information from that post.

Exploring the west using camels

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