Street Art of Houston

Recently I spent a weekend near Eastern Downtown Houston. In that area is a block known as Graffiti Park where a number of buildings have beautiful murals painted on all sides. Within walking distance of another block or two of Graffiti Park, you will find more murals on a variety of business buildings and structures. What I tried to accomplish in photographing these murals was to first shoot individual panels and then stitch individual images into a panoramic image so the visitor can gain some insight to the largeness of the image. I also posted the individual images that make-up the panoramic picture.

There is one caveat in viewing some of the panoramic pictures that had cars next to the building: see image on right. You may find pieces of the car in the photograph. This is an artifact of the photographing and stitch process. error in panoramic muralI walked a straight line parallel to the building to be photograph while photographing overlapping picture frames. during this process automobile images are viewed a different angles. This process of photographing these murals provide the necessary image over lap for the murals but makes producing weird artifacts in the image of the automobiles. My goal is to be able to show the viewer as much detail of of art as possible of these beautiful painting.

Unfortunately, as beautiful as these murals are, some people find  they must destroy months of work it took to paint these murals, with obscene wording and writings. Click this link to view the more than three dozen murals in the area.

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