US_89 from the Mexican to Canadian Borders: Part 2- Canyon Lake, Texas

Days 2-5

Once we left the the Beaumont area it took us about 3.5 hrs to reach Canyon Lake.  Driving through Houston is a chore.  It takes about an hour to drive  I-10 through Houston.  In fact it is about 50 miles across the Houston area  from one end to the other.  Once we got to the Canyon Lake area we took the rest of the day to rest up from the 720 mile trip.  We use to make this trip in one day when I was working in San Antonio, but now that we are both retired, why push it.  Canyon Lake, which lies about 20 miles to the northwest of New Braunfels or about 40 miles NW of San Antonio.

On the side wall of the “Wild Flour” cafe (town of Sattler) is a mural with the words Canyon Lake in a stencil format showing scenes of life from the area.  And, at the Tye Preston Library is a beautiful mural of of Tye Preston,  covering the wall of the main room of the library.

Mural inside the Tye Library at Sattler (Canyon Lake area)


As we travel around the country and world, one of my favorite things to do is to search out the public/building art/murals.  These building murals give me a sense of the culture of the area.  New Braunfels is no different.

To view these beautiful murals through a virtual tour (36 Slides) Click here.  The last four murals were seen in the town of Seguin.

Day 5 drove 616 miles today.

Panoramic views from the picnic area on 3159 in the Canyon Lake area,

Left Canyon Lake with a picnic area stopover on FM 3159 to take a panoramic photo of the countryside with the Blue Bonnets in bloom.  West Texas is very desolate, but the speed limit is 80 mph, but that doesn’t stop most Texans from driving 85-90 mph in this stretch of I-10.  Spent  the night at the Best Western Mission in Las Cruces, NM.  This is a very clean hotel decorated in the western motif.  We were very much impressed and would stay here again.

For dinner we found a pub in the middle of a neighborhood named High Deser Brewery Company.  This pub appeared to be a very popular place, for parking was up and down rthe residential street.  The pub was self-seating –

Windmills seen in West Texas. There are a lot of these power windmills in West Texas.

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