This video is a conversion of a backyard bird presentation I developed for a talk with a local garden club. Because this is a video the conversion of the Keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint) slides to a movie is linear. What you will see are the liner slides which is not how I will be conducting my talk.

There are links you will see on the slides, they are there for me to go to different sections during my talk as well as links to other sections if I have time to talk about the photos in those sections. There are embedded audios and videos in this movie so be patient while they load. In fact the first slide of this movie has an embedded video within it. I could design this video where links embedded with in the video were clickable but that would required a lot of work and quicktime video software that may or may not work today. As all of you know technology changes at the speed of light.

This video is 13 minutes in length. All the photos were taken in my backyard with the exception of the Osprey video fight.

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