Coming to America-1954

Family portrait (1955-1956)
4855 Guymon Street, San Diego.          Red 1949 Mercury parked in the driveway of the duplex home we shared. two-single single car garages separated the two residences


During the pandemic years of 2020-2022, I began writing and posting stories about growing up in San Diego on the “Vintage San Diego, the Group FB page. I’ve decided to move those stories to my personal website ( Having those stories on my personal site provides permanent continuity in the series and not subjected to the whims of FB. Beside, one doesn’t have to search the San Diego FB site to find the next episode. So here is part one – Coming to America.

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I am going to make this information and links public on FB for the time being.

Author: Daniel

I have spent the majority of my adult life as a science educator. As a K-5 science specialist for a major Florida School District I designed and developed the first-two stand-alone dedicated K-5 science classroom in the State — developed through a $100,000 grant by the Monsanto Corporation. I have worked as a naturalist and director of a 120 acre environmental center, as well as an Instructional Specialist for the U.S. Navy (Financial Management), U.S. Army (designing and developing medical interactive multimedia and distance learning courses,) and Department of Defense Dependent Schools (Science Specialist.)

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