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Hi, My name is Dr. Dan and I started this web site in 2018 as a means to advertise a book about myself, my family, and  the incredible journey we took so that I could connect with others with similar experiences. I didn’t learn about my French birth mother until I was a sophomore in college. But that is another story one can learn by reading that book.

I’m now retired and enjoy just being a bum.  No projects to lead, employees to rate, deal with decisions that don’t make sense, or being contacted while on vacation because “higher ups” did something with a project I had informed them that what they wanted to do  wouldn’t work with the systems we had in place and we didn’t have means to “fix it.”  They did it anyway and guess what- it didn’t work. 

Instead I’m more interested in sharing my travel experiences.  Now there are many successful travel blogs; it is not my intention to duplicate any of them or their information.  I have no intentions of focusing on travel tips, the best restaurants to breakfast/lunch/or dinner at, inexpensive hotels to stay in, or cheap prices for transportation. Those topics may pop-up serendipitously because I spend time traveling, like the three  months in Europe, six weeks in New Mexico, or even the eight weeks traveling US 89 from Nogales to the Canadian border and back to Florida –  a trip that involved more than 10,000 miles on the road in a two-seat convertible roadster.  Or even similar but shorter trips.  Instead I want to focus on the public art I come across as I travel.  And, I have come across some amazing public displays of art such as children’s art embedded in public bench tiles in Roswell, NM, the decorated three-foot tall cowboy boots displayed around Wimberley, TX, or the colorful hot air balloons.

So, If you have a passion for public art like I, then feel free to join me as a virtual tourist.  I am not an art expert, my training has been in the sciences and instructional technology, but I do like to get on the road and search for those remarkable pieces of public art.  All I can promise are the visual experiences and a little bit of history of the areas I find during my excursions.  And maybe, just maybe, if you ever find yourself in the areas that I have explored, take a trip to discover the art for yourself. There are some very talented people out there.

Thank you for exploring my site.  Please feel free to view my first post of about Pensacola, FL under the World of Street & Public Art drop down menu above and make a comment if you wish.  

Coming to America- In the Beginning (Part 1)

Dr. Dan (06/10/2019)

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