Murals From New Braunfels, TX

New Braunfels, Texas lies about 35 miles north of San Antonio and maybe 70 miles south of Austin.  Founded by Prince Carl of Solms in 1844 who [… was the motivating force for the first colony of German emigrants to Texas. He arrived on Texas soil in July 1844, making an exploratory tour as advisor to the Adelsverein, which owned the rights to the FisherMiller Land Grant.[ Subsequently Carl purchased an additional 1,300 acres (5.3 km2) on the Guadalupe River on behalf of the Adelsverein, where he established the colony of New Braunfels, Texas.[8] His vision cleared the path for John O. Meusebach to follow in 1845 as the organizer, negotiator and political force needed for community-building structure in the “New Germany”. -Wikipedia]

Located within a few block of the city’s round-about plaza and downtown area you will find six murals celebrating the founding and culture.  Of course there is the one celebrating Price Sols which adorns the side of an entire building,  Ferdinand Lindheimer, the father of Texas Botany, it too covers the entire side of a bbuilding, the mural which shows the  history of the area from prehistoric times to , especially Comal Springs, located within New Braunfels to Harry and Hannah Landa who introduced Landa Electric Company which installed industrial street lights to shine all night.  There is also a six-panel mural of Henry Steele who is known to have been a big proponent for public education, first district clerk for Comal County, founded the first protestant church, became the first district clerk of the country, served as postmaster, state legislator, JP (Justice of the Peace,) and mayor to name just a few of his endeavors.  And there are a couple of murals celebrating New Braunfels German culture with its Wuerstfest, aka octoberfest in October.  Of course what is German culture without the sausage, well displayed as“Spass und Gemuetlichkeit [fun and cosiness]”  mural on the Krause’s wall.

I’ve also included two murals not found in New Braunfels, but at Canyon Lake, which lies about 20 miles to the North of New Braunfels.   On the side wall of the “Wild Flour” cafe is a mural with the words Canyon Lake in a stencil format showing scenes of life from the area.  And, at the Tye Preston Library is a beautiful mural of of Tye Preston,  covering the wall of the main room of the library.

About 20 miles to the south is the city of Sequin which has a beautiful mural of the town in its pioneering days.  Within the city of Sequin, you could not miss the automotive business showing its hot rot culture on the front of its business.

To begin and view these beautiful murals through a virtual tour Click here

A musical video (400×338 pixel size) of New Braunfels’ Street Art

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