Traveling the Natchez Trace: Narrative 2

Upon leaving Abbeville, we back tracked through Lafayette and headed east along I-10 to catch I-110 north in Baton Rouge to make the northward trip to Natchez.

At the railroad tracks on Johnson Ave in Lafayette


Based upon Google maps’ street view, this was the building shown above in Jan 2017

But prior to reaching and crossing the Mississippi River, we were slowed down by an accident- traveling then was at a snail’s pace. Instead, we took LA 1 north (western side of the Mississippi) to US 190 crossing the Mississippi River to I-110 North bound to Natchez from Baton Rouge. However, after crossing the river, little did I know that seeing the sign with the writing “Scenic route,” and taking that route, would it actually take us into Natchez. US 61 would have been our exit further north had we been able to travel on I-110. I’m glad we took this route, because for several miles we enjoyed the following art work on many of the buildings  Click here.

Mammy’s Cupboard restaurant, East side of US 61 a few miles south of Natchez, MS

As we approached Natchez on US 61 from the south, we came across Mammy’s Cupboard. They were not open. I was hoping to be able to eat there. The British Car Club out of New Orleans had a very positive review of the eatery – apparently the restaurant is very popular with the locals. Pulling into Natchez ended our day.

The next day we were to begin our 440 mile journey north along the Trace to Nashville, TN.


Natchez Trace: Narrative 3


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  1. We have travelled Hwy 61 many times while living in Memphis. No artwork, tho. Natchez Trace once each way. Mercedes (eastward) and Suburban (westward). Have a picture of a red/black ’62 Corvette on the Trace, cover of a MS travel brochure. Wish it was us….

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